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Independence Blue Cross teams up with Bon'App and United Preference on associate nutrition program


Initiative uses mobile devices and incentives to improve nutrition, weight loss Readmore

United Preference COO Speaks At AHIP Consumer Experience Forum In Philadelphia July 18-19


AHIP Panel To Examine Ways To More Efficiently Administer Wellness Incentives Readmore

United Preference launches Tailored Spend, new currency for healthy incentives

Today employers spend an average of $629/employee every year to incentivize healthy behavior, up nearly 70 percent in just two years. That's approximately $60 billion spent annually by employers and payer groups on health incentive programs Readmore

United Preference Launches Healthcare Currency


PRINCETON, NJ (April 23, 2012) United Preference is now offering a new currency for healthcare incentives and wellness programs, Tailored Spend. Readmore

United Preference revolutionizes healthcare incentives and wellness with a new currency -- Tailored Spend™

Princeton, NJ. – United Preference revolutionizes healthcare incentives and wellness with a new currency -- Tailored Spend™. Readmore

Best Practices: Getting To The ROI Of Health Incentive Dollars

( - The two biggest healthcare trends in 2012 according to Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the United States (US), are data liberation and incentive reform.Readmore

United Preference is Upping the Ante On Preventative Health Care

Startup companies that cater to American health care innovation always manage to capture quite a bit of attention. Readmore

United Preference Unveils Health Reward Platform

Incentive company United Preference has launched a new rewards card aimed at helping employers and health plans to boost healthy behavior. Launched on April 23, the company has dubbed the program, called Tailored Spend, a "new currency." Readmore

Boss Wants Me Buff? The Psychology of Health Incentives

The idea of paying people to stay healthy is not a new one―companies have now been toying with wellness incentives for years. Readmore

Using Health Incentives … on Healthy Things

Besides wanting to get the most out of their human capital, there's a good reason for companies to be concerned with how healthy their employees are. Readmore


Healthbox picks 10 startups for accelerator's inaugural class Readmore


A new health incubator, Healthbox, is set to launch on January 9th with its first batch of Readmore


Chicago health-focused startup chooses 10 firms for first class Readmore


Early-stage companies to get funding from Healthbox program Readmore


Healthbox: Chicago’s New Health-Focused Startup Accelerator Debuts Its Inaugural Batch Readmore

United Preference Aims to Tailor Preventive Healthcare Spending

United Preference strives to promote preventive healthcare and general wellness with pre-paid debit Readmore

Wellness gift card aspires to make sure healthy bonuses stay that way

Imagine a new kind of wellness gift card that employees get as a reward Readmore

Health startup United Preference is incentivizing healthy choices with Tailored Spend

There are many different health and wellness companies offering cash Readmore

Find out what the buzz around United Preference is all about.